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How Many Sort of Led Solar Lights Do You Know?

With people’s attention to green energy, LED solar lights have been paid more and more attention. Even during the epidemic period, the sales of many products were impacted by the market, while the sales of some solar lamps increased sharply. Solar light is a big family. Next, we will talk about the main types of solar lamps.


  1. Solar street lamp

The difference between a solar street lamp and an ordinary grid led street light is that it is the photoelectric conversion through solar energy, and can work independently without access to the power grid. The solar street lamp can be divided into solar all in one street light and split type solar street light according to different product forms. The main accessories of the solar lamp are lithium battery, solar panel, solar controller, solar street lamp source, lamp housing, etc.

100w solar street light

  1. Solar floodlight

Floodlights are generally used in outdoor construction sites or buildings, etc., usually, solar floodlights are split structures, mainly considering the complexity of floodlights installation sites. Solar floodlights can be widely used, compared with grid led floodlights, solar flood lights have more flexible installation convenience.

solar flood light project


  1. Solar traffic lights

Solar traffic lights are powered by solar panels, which are easy to install and move. It is suitable for newly built intersections with large traffic flow and the urgent need for new traffic signal command. It also can meet the needs of an emergency power cut, power restriction, and other emergencies.


solar stud

  1. Solar Stake light

Solar Stake lamp is an independent power generation system. It can independently complete the conversion of solar energy into electric energy and can convert electric energy into energy for lighting and decoration, without the need for wire transmission. Because of its convenient, economic and safe characteristics, it has gradually replaced the traditional stake lamps and has become the first choice of home courtyard decoration lighting.

solar stake light


  1. Solar wall lamp

The outstanding advantage of solar wall lamp is that under the sunlight in the daytime, solar wall lamp can use their own conditions to convert solar energy into electric energy, so as to achieve automatic charging. Because the solar wall lamp is driven by light energy, it does not need to connect to any other power supply, so it does not need to carry out complicated wiring. Secondly, the solar wall lamp is very stable and reliable.

  1. Solar work light

Solar work lamp is driven by solar energy, it does not need to connect to any other power supply, has better portability, it can complete charging at any place with sunshine, especially suitable for some fieldwork applications.

solar work light


  1. Solar Mosquito Lamp

The Solar Mosquito Lamp converts the solar energy into electric energy for storage and utilization. Solar energy is used to supply power to the mosquito-killing lamp tube to induce mosquitoes and kill them by electric shock.


  1. Solar Marine light


The solar Marine light has the advantages of simple structure, convenient movement, and easy placement. Solar ship lights are divided into solar signal lights, solar warning lights, etc.

marine light

  1. Solar Weather Proof Light

Solar weatherproof lamps are mainly used in canopy roofs or the bus stops shelves, etc., which are cheap to install and easy to maintain.

solar weather proof light


  1. SolarBillboard Light

Solar Billboard Lights are generally used for outdoor billboard lighting. Compared with traditional billboard lights, solar advertising lights are installed and maintained later. However, it should be noted that solar advertising lights are only suitable for top-down installation.

solar bill board light

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5 Tips to Make Solar LED Lights Last Longer

It is important to properly position and maintain luminaires or lighting fixtures in order to make Solar LED Lights last longer.

By doing this, we let Solar LED Lights absorb as much solar irradiance energy as possible for longer periods of lighting.

1. Regular Cleaning of Solar Panel

Solar LED street lights for outdoor need solar panels to absorb radiant energy. Cleaning helps solar panels to maintain the maximum energy absorption of solar radiation and provide long-term illumination.

During the production in our factory and the following on-site installation of solar light fitting, we have considered optimizing the product to keep it clean enough and avoid attracting too much dust and debris. For example, the installed solar panels usually keep an inclined angle to prevent birds from resting on it. Bird droppings, leaves, and other debris can hinder the solar panel’s ability to collect sunlight.

You also need to pay attention to the degree of cleanliness. If air pollution in some areas are serious, or some cities are near the desert, then the dust is more than other places, you need to wipe the panel surface regularly.

Obviously, stacked snow on Solar lights panel will affect the absorption of the solar irradiation energy. As a result, the lighting system does not have a peak performance if you are in an area that is cover with large amounts of snowfall, be prepared to take them down for the winter.


2. Place Lighting Luminaries in an Unobstructed Place

Make sure that they are in a place with the strongest sunlight throughout the day and not blocked by the shadows of plants or buildings. Plants are not possibly blocking the panel all the time, but it reduces the time of direct sun shines on the solar panel. It means that the length of lighting available at night will be reduced. Take necessary measures to adjust the installation distance, or trim the branches to ensure sufficient sunlight.


3. Improper On-site Parameters Setting Resulting in Shorter Lighting Time

According to many on-site feedbacks, some construction workers respond that they have not been informed of the specific function and use of the remote control of solar lamp outdoor. They are only responsible for lighting up the lamp and care about nothing else. In such cases, the parameters may be set incorrectly which is causing abnormal lighting, excessive battery consumption, and reducing lighting hours. The remote control of LUXMAN luminaire with a humanized control method design is simple and convenient. You can switch to the best mode that suits your needs. Before installation, confirm with us for selecting the best mode for your location and make sure it is the correct mode during installation.


4. Long Time Rainy Days Reduce Hours of Illumination

If the weather forecast says it will rain for a long period of time and exceed the maximum designed lighting time of the product, you can choose to turn off the solar led lights with switch. This method is mainly to avoid inefficient charging on rainy days and extend battery life.


5. Malfunctions of Solar LED Street Lights Reduces the Lighting Time

According to the indicators of solar light, our users can identify whether the problem belongs to the solar panel, the LED bulb, or the battery. Check for the possible hidden problems and troubleshoot to ensure that the lighting time can reach the desired length.

Some split solar panels have longer distances between solar panels and lamps,and the long distance has caused unexpected problems. Extending the solar panel connecting wire at will may cause line loss, lower charging efficiency, and affect lighting time. There is also one reason that the user might purchase wire with poor quality.

Another typical problem is the aging problem of the product. With the accumulation of service hour, the battery quality naturally ages, especially the lead-acid battery which is used in earlier products. The number of charge and discharge is relatively small for a lead-acid battery. The battery needs to be replaced when it expires or out of performance. Just change it and restore long hours of lighting.

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