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How to Choose the best LED Solar Street Light Factory in China

Due to the significant advancement in solar technology, the number of  LED solar street light factories has rapidly increased in the last few decades. As a customer, it has become essential to consider a number of factors before making a decision on selecting a led solar light factory that can match your needs properly. There are hundreds and thousands of industries that have started their operation in this area. These factories are making a wide range of products, which are capable of meeting the requirements of the customer. For customers to get the best solar streetlight that is cost-effective and efficient, they should be able to assess the product properly. And evaluate it as per their needs before making a final decision.

We are listing down a few things that customers should pay attention to before finalizing a decision.

1. Factory Visit

Visiting the LED solar street light factory can help you know what your requirements are and what is being produced at the solar street light factory. This helps you evaluate your options for selecting a suitable solar light factory. Seeing the production line with your own eyes confirms whether a company is reliable or not.

To ensure the quality and engineering aspect of the solar streetlight, it is important to see the process through which it is manufactured. These days factories are practicing strict protocols on manufacturing and testing the quality of products. They are using advanced automated machines to perform these functions. Similarly, the working environment is equally important to produce high-grade lights. So, having a visual inspection of products and manufacturing lines can give you a fair idea about the quality of the product.

2. On-site testing

One of the purposes of the LED solar street light factory visit should be to perform the testing of lights in front of you. It is a common practice from the suppliers that they send you a sample product for your satisfaction. However, samples are not always a true representation of actual parts. So, it is strongly recommended to do a random sample testing of a solar streetlight at the supplier’s site. This helps to determine the consistency in the quality of products. And you will have the opportunity to witness how suppliers carry out testing and what testing capabilities the suppliers have. Those suppliers who are willing to do this for you and allow you to come and observe the testing of products should be preferred.

3. Team Interaction

It is better to talk to a team of engineers and workers to know some details about the manufacturing process. This would help you to know how much knowledge the team carries and how professional and capable they are. This is important to know because their capabilities and professionalism will be reflected in the products they will make. Customers usually get a chance to meet with the sales and business development team of the factory. These people are trained to convince the customers in one way or another. So, talking to them only wouldn’t give you enough idea about the actual quality and performance of the product.

4. Quality and Testimonials

It is unfortunately not possible to know in advance the quality and efficiency of the solar streetlight before actually experiencing it. But there is one way which can build your confidence on the product’s performance and that is through testimonials and project past cases.

Be warned of those cases where the companies don’t have project cases to show you. You should seek out the experience of companies who have purchased products from them to know about the product performance. This way you will have the know-how of the product before making a final purchase.

5. Price shouldn’t be the only deciding factor

It is commonly seen that customers are more inclined towards purchasing cheap products. That is because they want to procure more by paying less. However, this is not an intelligent factor to consider as cheap products are often average performers. Therefore, it is not recommended to make a decision only on the basis of lower prices offered by the solar street light factory.

Similarly, there are customers who are inclined towards buying expensive products. The reason for this behavior is they believe that expensive products have a higher quality which is partially true but not in all the cases. There are factories that have set higher prices just to create brand value and attract customers.

Hence, the quality of the product should always be given preference over the price. The perfect combination that a customer should look for is a high-quality product at reasonable prices.

6. Evaluate the warranties

 The professionalism of the company can also be seen from the warranties they offer. Unfortunately, many companies do not respect the warranty terms. And it often happens that after they have sold their products, they do not abide by the warranty terms. Only those solar manufactures should be selected which provides significant warranties on their products. This actually reflects the level of confidence a company has in its own products.

7. After Sales Customer Service

 The simple trade negotiation is not suitable for a LED solar street light factory. It is important that the services offered by the company to be complete and exhaustive from the beginning to the end of the relationship.

The company which guarantees its customers full service from the design phase to after-sales should be the top priority. The customers should look for a factory that has a dedicated team of professionals who are capable of solving queries.

It is common to see that customers run into various problems related to the operations and maintenance of the product. To get it solved customers require the services of customer support. The customers will be able to solve their problems quickly and cost-effectively when there is a 24/7 professional support available to them. Therefore, customer support should be one of the most important criteria to be considered before making a decision regarding an appropriate solar street light factory.
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