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How to Design the All In One Solar Street Lamp?

All In One Solar Street Lamp Appearance Design

“A good aircraft must be a good-looking one,” said Dassault, a French aircraft designer. The same goes for all in one solar street lamps.

Taking the all in one solar street lamp as an example, the application of solar LED street lamp has attracted more and more customers’ attention and favor, but there are some problems in the structural design, lighting creativity, modeling design and other aspects, which has caused considerable confusion to the use and selection of customers. We discuss the five problems existing in the structure and appearance design of all in one solar street light and put forward the corresponding solutions. The main problems existing in the single old solar street lamps on the market are as follows

First, the surface treatment of materials is difficult to withstand the erosion of a harsh environment for a long time. All lamps are directly installed outdoors, which may encounter acid rain, sandstorm, Blizzard, insolation, and other harsh environments.

Due to the large proportion of aluminum alloy, although its corrosion resistance has been greatly improved after anodizing treatment, it is still impossible to ensure that the oxide film will not be damaged when the lamp is installed. When the oxide film is damaged, the active chemical properties of aluminum alloy can be shown. In some places with relatively large pollution, acid rain is easy to occur, and acid water will accumulate in some gaps on the lamp body. The evaporation of acid water in the gaps will corrode the lamp body after rain and sunny days. The corroded lamp body not only affects the appearance, heat dissipation, but also mechanical properties.

Second, the regular rectangular appearance design does not meet the requirements of wind resistance. The rectangular shape mentioned here refers to the rectangular shape of the lamps and lanterns, and each face presents a large area of a plane. Such a plane is easy to bear force when the wind blows vertically from a plane, its plane cannot differentiate the wind, thus causing pressure on the lamp pole and the fixed structure of lamps and lanterns. This pressure is not obvious in the general situation, but when the lamp pole after a long time of aging and corrosion, if in the coastal areas of a typhoon, there may be a tilt or bending lamp pole or the risk of falling lamps.

Lámpara solar todo en uno-uno.png

Thirdly, the failure rate of the LED street lamp caused by gluing treatment is high. Gluing treatment mainly refers to the need to apply a lot of industrial glue to make water-proof in the production process due to the congenital profile design reasons, which often leads to three problems: 1. Uneven gluing, resulting in water leakage;

2. Long-term use of lamps, resulting in aging of internal glue, resulting in weakening or complete loss of water-proof function ;

3. Too much gluing and untidy interior of the lamp body may cause poor heat dissipation and affect the lithium battery and LED lamp beads.

This will lead to water damage to the battery on rainy days or LED aging faster, higher failure rate.


Fourth, the overall design brings later maintenance difficulties. Integral design refers to the lamp the entire light source cavity is designed as an unmaintainable whole, or the light source module or the battery package is designed as an unmaintainable whole. The practice in recent years shows that it is impossible for LED lamps to be 100% maintenance-free. And this kind of integral type lamps and lanterns just cannot maintain, after general street lamp appears fault, cannot finish the maintenance task in the overhead car, want to change the whole lamp to return to manufacturer repair. This approach forces the manufacturer to become both a manufacturer and a service provider, at a great cost.

We discussed some solutions to these five problems. For the first and second problems, we believe that the lamps and lanterns need to be structural-type waterproof, reduce the amount of glue, and as far as possible to make a streamlined multi-angle lamp body, to have a reasonable design of heat dissipation holes and diversion surface. In this way, the product has three advantages: 1, the streamlined shape is conducive to direct most of the water to the ground, reducing the corrosion of acid and alkali substances on the lamps; 2, the streamlined surface can greatly reduce the accumulation of dust and snow above, conducive to heat dissipation and reduce the lamp pole and lamp pressure; 3, the multi-angle surface can differentiate the wind force into multiple directions, reducing the pressure of lamp poles and lamps.

For the third and fourth problems, we suggest that the overall design of lamps should be replaced by modular design.

For the fifth problem, it is suggested that the design of luminaires should be considered from the perspective of operators, and attention should be paid to details in the design.

In the aspect of design, compared with the traditional lighting, the integrated solar street lamp LED module has the characteristics of small size and flexible array mode, which can realize various and exquisite product design. In addition, lighting design engineers should develop industrial and artistic design products in combination with regional culture. All places have their own unique regional culture and customs. Only lamps designed according to local characteristics can be more popular with people, and also can let visitors know more about local characteristics.

In addition, lighting designers should not only be proficient in lighting common sense, but also constantly improve their comprehensive quality, go deep into life, know how to find and feel the beauty of life, and integrate emotion into the design of works, so as to realize the design of lamps with vitality and ideas.

With the increasing competition and internationalization of the Chinese market, many small and medium-sized enterprises lack the support of market networks and brands, so they should take the road of professional development and pay attention to product quality. The development of enterprises focuses on how to develop products with high quality, long life, and low price, so as to create a win-win situation for consumers, enterprises and the government.

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solar led street light

Solar LED Street Lights Application Analysis

When Greta Thunberg, a Swedish environmental teenager, chose to sail the Atlantic for two weeks before arriving in New York for the United Nations’ youth climate summit, Luxmanlight employees were actively promoting the use of Integrated Solar LED Street Lights around the world. Different views on the same event just represent our different ideas on environmental protection.

The all in one solar LED street light is the product of modern science and technology development. It directly uses solar energy for power supply, environment-friendly, and energy-saving. With the characteristics of once investment and long-term return, traditional street lamps and an LED street lamp is gradually replaced. The solar street light with an automatic lighting system is generally used for street lighting of urban and rural roads. The intelligent street lighting system can realize the intelligent monitoring and management of street lights and reduce the operation and maintenance cost of the system. Thanks to its stable performance, easy management and no need for electricity connection, it is becoming more and more popular. Solar LED street lamps are used in parks, communities, squares, and parking lots from remote rural areas to cities. According to our customer’s experience, now we summarize the main installation locations of solar street lamps.


Application location of solar LED street lamps

  1. Rural road lighting

The rural natural environment is harsher, not suitable for laying cable. Solar lamp installation is simple, long service life. Moreover, rural roads are narrow and small, and the requirements for LED light sources are not high, which is suitable for installing stand-alone solar LED street lights.

solar road lightsolar street light

  1. Monitoring and lighting of farms, barns, doorways, and courtyards

House installation of solar street lights not only very convenient night lighting, but also can be equipped with a camera monitoring function. In the meantime, installation is simple, still can save a lot of electricity bills. Current standard configuration with light control, will according to illumination (brightness) automatically turn on-off the light, auto-off in the day, auto-on light at night, very simple and convenient.

  1. Homestay, resort, and hotel outdoor lighting

Lighting safety, environmental protection, and energy-saving are the pursuit of the concept of homestay and hotel, so the solar street lamp is the right choice.

  1. Mining area, remote power shortage place lighting

Mining areas are usually quite remote, so the cost of installing street lamps by cable is very high. Therefore, it is appropriate to choose a solar street lamp. Luxman solar LED street light works 12 hours a night and can support 5-7 rainy days. The road may still be rough, but it is no longer dark and safe to travel.

  1. Island lighting

There is no doubt that islands are short of electricity, especially the remote, smaller islands, which are 100% short of electricity. Diesel power doesn’t work 24/7 and there are always dark hours, but solar lighting will keep your nights dark no matter how windy or rainy.

  1. Monitoring and lighting of the home town villa

Many young people like to live in the city, where the house is only for old people and children or no one lives. Therefore, a kind of solar street light with a camera that can be illuminated and monitored is very suitable for use. like Luxman S3C Series solar street light with a camera for residential areas.

  1. The lighting of urban roads and secondary trunk road

Energy-saving and emission reduction can be achieved not only by using AC Powered LED lighting, but also by using more advanced solar-powered street lighting without electricity bill, which can be invested once and be effective for a long time.

  1. Square, parking lot, playground lighting

There’s a lot of traffic in public places, but it’s usually only in the early hours of the night. The intelligent solar street lamp can do induction mode(PIR), time control mode, and can also do induction + time control hybrid mode, so it can meet the lighting use in public places.

  1. Schools, hospitals and museums outdoor lighting

Environmental protection is everyone’s business. The low-carbon concept must be promoted from schools to hospitals, exhibitions, museums, and another outdoor lighting. Integrated solar street lamps not only meet the lighting needs but also have a prominent environmental protection demonstration effect.

solar garage lightssolar campus lighting

  1. Park and green space lighting

In general, the lighting of parks and green Spaces does not require high illumination on the ground (compared with outdoor stadium lighting). Intelligent solar street lamps are the best choice for lighting in these public areas.

  1. Community road lighting

The lighting of community roads and garden roads in the community has changed from traditional lamps to LED lamps and then to solar street lamps, which is the trend of the times.

  1. Industrial zone, science, and technology park, road lighting

In industrial areas, science and technology parks or innovation incubators park, no matter traditional lighting or LED lighting which used for public electricity, it is not as cost-effective as solar street lamps after cost accounting.

13.Outdoor camping lighting

The installation of LED solar street lamps in some of the best places for camping not only solves the main problem of campers but also ensures their safety to some extent.

In the future, more than 70% of roads and lighting are expected to use solar street lamps, compared with less than 5% today. At present, the price of a solar street lamp is mainly set according to the level of parameter configuration, and the service life is closely related to the configuration. The solar street light manufacturer offers a five-year warranty, which is favored by many customers.

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How to Maintain All In One Solar Street Lights

Generally speaking, all in one solar street lights do not need much maintenance after being installed, because all in one solar street lights is a very mature technology. But the operation/working environment has a great impact on outdoor solar lighting, Different installation site needs different maintenance accordingly. For example, in Africa, we should consider not only high temperature but also dust. Then we analyze some common maintenance problems from the following aspects:

  • The influence of dust

The influence of dust is mainly directly can be seen on the solar panels, because the dust will mainly affect the solar panels’ absorption of sunlight radiation, thus affecting the solar panels’ power generation efficiency. Normally, daily regular cleaning is no need because rainwater washes away the dust attached to solar panels on rainy days, but in some particularly arid environments or regions, rainwater is very few. Users can clean the solar panels regularly according to the actual situation, such as once a quarter, or once a year, depending on the rain and dust conditions of the installation site.


  • Snow and its shelters

In some countries, winter snowfalls very long and heavy, or some lamps are installed near tall trees. Snow, leaves and bird droppings may be attached to solar panels. When there is a decrease in power generation efficiency, such as a decrease in the number of continuous rainy days or a shorter light-on time, which reminders they need to be cleaned up. Look at these shields.


  • Battery Maintenance

Usually, do not need to do special maintenance or replace batteries during the service life if they use high-quality & reliable batteries. According to our previous experience, LED light source and solar panel generally do not need to be maintained after the service lifetime, but the performance of the battery may decline after five years, so if the service lifetime exceeds, the lamp is still working, but the number of continuous rainy days has decreased significantly, we can consider replacing the battery for adding another life cycle.


  • Salt Corrosion

If the lamp is installed near the seashore or in places of heavy corrosion with high salt fog, the installation bracket should be inspected regularly. We suggest that the installation bracket be inspected once a year, depending on the actual situation of the installation site. Normally, no additional maintenance is required.


Generally speaking, integrated solar street lamps require little maintenance unless they are installed in harsh environments.


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all in one street light project

What Is All In One Solar Street Light-LUXMAN LIGHT

All In One solar street light is the new age green solar energy lighting solution which integrates solar panels, LED luminary, lithium ion battery & a PIR motion sensor into one,  the Solar panels absorb solar energy during the day and convert it into electrical energy, this energy is stored safely in the integrated battery, which guarantees enough lighting by efficient LED lamp overnight – even with cloudy weather. This robust the stand-alone solution is designed for a sustainable future, in both rural and urban areas.

This  lighting system 100% powered by the sun, it is a 3rd Generation solar street light product.

all in one solar street light

Comparison Conventional vs. All in One

luxman solar light

Conventional System vs. All in One System

solar street light

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           (Conventional System)

all in one solar system

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      (All In One System)


Advantages Compared to Conventional

  •  More compact design

Integrated all components into a compact fixture, comparing the conventional solar street light,  lighting package dimension is much smaller, it will save a lot of shipping cost.

  • Longer lifetime

Come with Lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4 battery) or Ternary lithium battery, The recycling times is from 500times-2500times which is much longer lifetime than the conventional solar street light since most of the conventional solar street light adopted the lead-acid battery.

  • Easier to install

Compared to conventional solar street light, the all in one  no need to make the foundation for the solar battery box, and no wiring work of the whole system. It is much more easy to install compared to the conventional solar street light.

  •  Lower cost

The product cost and labor cost ( for Installation )of all in one solar light is much lower than the conventional lights.

Conventional Installation vs. All in One Installation

conventional solar street light installation

(Conventional Solar street Light installation)


all in one solar street light all in one led solar street light installation

(All in one Installation)


Wide Application of All in one 

  • Residential areas

Garden, Gate, Barbecue Place, Parking, Warehouse, Swimming pool.

  • Square & Parking areas

Square, Parking, or industrial zone.

  • Remote areas

Island, Lake, Seaside, Warehouse,Farm, and construction site etc.

  • Road & Pathway

Path way, Street, Garden Road.


LUXMAN All In One LED Light Advantages


LUXMAN All in one Light is available in pole mount and wall mount,100% powered by the sun, no need to connect the power grid(save the electricity cable investment) ,

Solar street light detects people and vehicle presence to provide lighting as needed.


The intelligent control system scientifically calculates the lighting

output according to the weather and battery capacity to ensure the lighting

time, which can realize the lighting up throughout the whole year.


The switch of the Solar Street Light can be controlled by remote control and the user can set the illumination mode and illumination time.


Luxman  Solar Street Light is available in PIR Sensing, Timing and Mixed mode. Users can choose the mode according to their application.

【7*24 HOURS AFTER-SALES SERVICE & 3 years warranty】

Each batch of Luxman goods has passed the internal standard testing and third-party professional testing before flowing into the consumption channel.

It is our goal to control the after-sales to the lowest level. At the same time, Luxman provides each customer with prompt and effective after-sales service.


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solar street light

Solar Street Light 5 Kinds Applications -LUXMAN LIGHT

As we know Solar Street light has the following benefits:

* Installation anywhere

* Maintenance free

* No underground or overhead service

* No electricity bill

* Different styles available

* Mobile phone remote control

* Real-time 24 hours of surveillance and security function optional


From the above advantages of solar-powered street lights, it can have a wide application, so in what areas can all in one solar light be applied?


1st– Remote Areas

Such as rural roads, islands, military barracks, farms and so on, because these places are remote or inhabitants do not live centrally, so the laying of electric wiring is very difficult, the cost of laying wiring is not proportional to the utilization rate, so solar pole lights can be used in remote areas.

2nd – Construction Site

Because these are temporary places, so access to power or installation of lighting is inconvenient, LUXMAN once had a customer who bought LUXMAN all in one solar street lights is leased to large local builders.

3rd – Campus, Square

Generally, these places are very empty, have a better sunshine foundation, on the other hand, the flow of people in these areas will be more during 6pm-10pm, and later will be reduced a lot, solar streetlight sensing and timing control functions well meet this demand characteristics.

4th – Road and Street

This application is also the most important application, street light power consumption is usually relatively large, in some countries and regions, electricity is very expensive, if the solar street lamp can be used to replace ordinary street light or LED street light, then a huge cost will be saved.

5th Residential Areas

Solar street lamps have good mobility. Residents can install different places according to their needs, such as swimming pool, Party table, courtyard entrance, Parking lot, etc. In addition, the extension function of solar street lamps can also meet the needs of residents, such as camera monitoring function, USB charging, mobile phone APP operation function and so on, bring users a more convenient user experience.


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solar battery manufacturer in china

Lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4 battery) or Ternary lithium battery ?

As we all know, more and more people are buying integrated solar street lights, and one of the keys points of the Solar Street Light quality is the selection of lithium battery packs. Usually, we use Ternary Lithium batteries or LiFePO4 batteries. Let’s compare the difference between the two.

First of all, why we use lithium batteries?

Lithium batteries (Li-ion, Lithium Battery): Lithium batteries are widely used because of their advantages of a lightweight, large capacity and no memory effect. The energy density of lithium batteries is very high, and their capacity is 1.5-2 times that of Ni-MH batteries of the same weight. (SYLVANIA solar street lamps adopted Ni-MH batteries) Lithium also has a low self-discharge rate. In addition, lithium batteries have few “memory effects” and no toxic substances, which are also important reasons for their wide application.

32700 battery

Ternary Lithium batteries and LiFePO4 batteries are the two main types of Lithium Batteries that are used for Solar lighting products.

Ternary lithium battery Vs lithium iron phosphate battery


I:  The material system of a LiFePO4 battery and a ternary Lithium battery is different.

II:  A LiFePO4 battery is a 3.2V voltage platform, with a cycle life of more than 2000 charges.

III:  The ternary lithium battery is a 3.7V voltage platform, and the cycle life depends on different manufacturers, different models, and processes, and generally, it is 500-800 charge cycles.

IV:  LiFePO4 batteries offer better high-temperature performance, while ternary lithium batteries have better low-temperature performance.

V:  LiFePO4 solar street light batteries are safer.

Further analysis of the two kinds of lithium batteries,

LiFePO4 batteries are characterized by high safety, high rate charge-discharge characteristics and long cycle life. The battery capacity is 80% of the initial capacity after 1600 cycles when the charging condition is 1C multiple charging to 3.65V, then the constant voltage is changed to 0.02C, and then the discharge voltage is 2.0V at 1C multiple charging to 2.0V cut-off voltage. LiFePO4 batteries also have stable charge-discharge characteristics and good fast charge characteristics. In addition to long life and excellent charge-discharge performance, the greatest advantage of LiFePO4 batteries is its safety. The chemical properties of liFePO4 batteries are stable and the high-temperature stability is good. The LiFePO4 batteries begin to decompose at 700-800 C, and will not release oxygen molecules in the face of impact, needling, short circuit and so on. It will not produce intense combustion and has high safety performance

32700 battery cell

The disadvantage of a LiFePO4 battery is that its performance is greatly affected by temperature, especially in a low-temperature environment, where the discharge capacity and capacity will be greatly reduced. In addition, there are some performance defects in lithium iron phosphate. The energy density of the battery is low, only the weight energy density of the battery is 120Wh/kg. If the energy density of the whole stack, including the battery management system, heat dissipation, and other components is calculated, it will be lower. The cost of material preparation and the cost of battery manufacturing are higher, the yield of the battery is low and the consistency is poor. The cost per pack is higher than that of ternary lithium batteries

Ternary lithium batteries refer to lithium batteries containing transition metal lithium-intercalated oxides containing nickel, cobalt and manganese, which can be expressed as LiMnxNiyCo1-x-yO2 (0 < x < 0.5, 0 < y < 0.5). This material combines the advantages of lithium cobalt oxide, lithium nickel oxide, and lithium manganate, and forms a ternary synergistic effect of three materials, whose comprehensive properties are superior to any single combination compound. Weight energy density can reach 200Wh/kg

The safety of ternary lithium batteries is poor. The thermal stability of ternary lithium batteries is poor. They will decompose at 250-300C. When it encounters flammable electrolytes and carbon materials, decomposition will start at a point. The heat generated will further intensify the decomposition of the positive pole, and it will deflagrate in a very short time. In a car accident, the impact of external force can damage the battery diaphragm, which will lead to a short circuit, and the heat generated during the short circuit will cause the thermal temperature to rapidly rise to more than 300 C, creating the risk of spontaneous combustion. Therefore, for ternary lithium batteries, the battery management system and heat dissipation system are very important.

From the battery knowledge above, you can know whether the light purchased is a high or low-quality version.

If you purchase Integrated solar LED street lamps only marked “Lithium battery”, you have to know it uses LiFePO4 batteries or other Lithium batteries. Most of the time it will be ternary Lithium batteries. If it is ternary lithium power, do not expect a five-year service life guarantee.


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all in one solar street light

How To Choose All In One Solar Street Light? – LUXMAN LIGHT

As a participant and witness to the development of all in one solar street light, Luxman has experienced many important moments. Numerous customers have been focused only on price and warranty their first meeting with us, and most of them don’t check the details of our products. We think this is not a professional buyer, or he is not our target customer at least.

As we know, there are basically four important components that comprise all in one solar LED street light. These four are the housing, solar panel, smart controller and lithium batteries.

The cost of the solar panel for most suppliers is similar, but the processing must be meticulous. Some are rough, depending on the specific product. The quality of the solar panel is commonly standardized, with materials chosen either monocrystal or polycrystal, and also graded specifications of A, B, C, D & E. The grade A is the best, fine processed, uniform in color, higher efficiency conversion rate, and very poor is of E grade. which is picked out from defective materials. In general, the cost of solar panels has a substantial influence on the whole lamp.

The smart controller is usually self-developed or bought from other suppliers like SRNE. If not self-developed, it is harder to control the quality and reprogram or upgrade. LUXMAN all in one solar street light develops its smart controller which has wholly integrated intelligent hardware and software properties. We control quality in the whole process, starting with R & D, so we can be confident in longevity and capability to be OEM quality & programmable according to customer’s requirements.

For a moment, I would like to focus on the all in one solar street light battery. Why? Because the cost and consistency of lithium batteries is very complicated, so let’s “dispel the clouds to see the sun.”

At present, most of the all in one solar LED street lighting on the market use a 18650 type of lithium batteries, a few things use a 26650 type. We will focus on the 18650 lithium battery here.

The 18650 type lithium battery is the original lithium-ion battery–a standard lithium-ion battery model that Japan SONY Corporation used in order to save cost. 18 means the diameter is 18mm, 65 means the length is 65mm, 0 means cylindrical battery. The common 18650 battery is divided into the ternary lithium-ion batteries and lithium iron phosphate battery(LiFePO4). The nominal voltage of the former is 3.7V, the charge cut-off voltage is 4.2v, and the later is 3.2V, the charge cut-off voltage is 3.6v, and the capacity of the cell is usually between 2200mAh and 2600mAh.

After years of development, LUXAMN has a deeper understanding of the PACK and use of lithium batteries. Below are shared some of the various cases we have encountered.

1. Fake battery: Lithium battery packed with SAND

In the beginning of Luxman’s entry into the industry to manufacture all in one solar street light, we found the battery provided by our supplier was abnormal. After testing, we checked out some cells with zero voltage, and found SAND when opened. So we made a serious IQC procedure to prevent bad batteries and terminate the non-qualified suppliers. While this happened in earlier years, we trust that no supplier now uses this type battery to cheat the market and customers.

LUXMAN also built a strict quality management system and standards ISO9001-2015. Our attitude toward product quality is more stringent than Japanese companies. This is why LUXMAN has long-term & stable partner in Japan with a company second only to Toshiba. Trust describes how you feel after working with LUXMAN.

2.Battery from small workshop: cell and PACK

Experience tells us that we can’t use a battery from small factory even if the unit price is very cheap, because there can be a lot of problems in water-proofing, weld quality, actual capacity, that you can not visually inspect for quality before installation in the solar lamp.
Therefore, for the sake of our customers & reputation, we only choose reliable, large companies to cooperate with.
Everybody knows the theory of “barrels”. The capacity of a bucket of water depends on the weakest piece of wood. Similarly, to determine a battery to be good or bad largely depends on the capacity sorting and welding procedure before PACK.
When PACK batteries with different capacities are grouped, the cell of the lowest capacity determines the total capacity of the entire battery pack —- possibly, it can never be fully charged. Think about how terrible this is. If you buy two 40W solar LED street lights, one in use for three years and the other one for less than six months, isn’t it a big loss? If the cell capacity is not well sorted and the spot welding process is not well made, transportation jarring also will cause some batteries not work, etc. These are all important reasons for product failure.

The battery PACK made by small workshops is low in cost, but the quality can not be assured, because they can’t match the competency of large manufacturers in terms of capacity sorting, spot welding, or PACK waterproof.

LUXMAN has established long-term & healthy cooperation with listed Top Three companies in China. After years of cooperation, we are confident to say that our materials are the best. Choosing LUXMAN’s products means that we have already set the first level and selected a good product for your lighting project. The business has made a good start.

(LUXMAN IP68 Solar Battery pack)

3. Fake PACK, wrong size, and weight, or battery pack voltage is wrong.
Let me tell a little story we encountered: A customer complained to us the price is too high compared with other products of same size, shape and power and even the same battery configuration. “Why other companies are much cheaper and you can’t do it?” We asked the customer to buy a cheap product to test and inspect. The result was: the same solar panels, the same casing, except the controller being slightly different. Their batteries were also LIFEPO4 of the same pack and weight. This was strange, why were things exactly the same, but the price they set was much lower than ours? We were not convinced, and then decided to take a look at the battery pack. As soon as we opened it, we realized that this battery pack was made with a fake shell. Half of the required batteries were placed inside, and the rest was iron. Such a thing is absolutely impossible in LUXMAN. It’s not only a matter if moral responsibility, it is illegal behavior.

Tip: Most of the batteries are packed and wired by 3 strings + N in parallel, so you can simply check which battery is used by measuring the voltage.
LiFePO4 battery 3.2V*3=12.8V, Ternary lithium battery 3.7V*3= 11.1V

Customers who consider price only maybe are not “good” customers, and customers who totally don’t care about the price at all are just passers-by. We welcome price comparison, and more welcome professional buyers to discuss features and customization. LUXMAN has a strong team of engineers to serve you. Manufacturer of all in one solar street lights, we are a TOP supplier.
Choosing LUXMAN’s products means trust, assurance, more customers, and projects in the future and a booming business.

4. Recycled battery
The large-scale use of electric bicycles & electric vehicles in the past few years means many now have come to the age to be recycled. So some suppliers choose to use recycled batteries for re-PACK. The cost is really extremely low, but the quality is really bad. We paid a visit to a customer in Malaysia who also bought another supplier’s product for comparison, then he took us to his warehouse. The customer pointed to a bunch of products and said that they purchased them from another company. There were more than 100 sets. After installation, they found that the lights were completely off after one or two months. The battery packs could not hold up under continuous use. The user demanded a refund and compensation. This led to arguments, contentious negotiations, lots of headaches for both sides, lost orders, lost credibility, and lost money. We heard that our competitor use the recycled battery to catch many orders at first and then there are a lot of problems. In the meantime, LUXMAN products were tested before installation, and they were lit up for 10 nights without charging at all. The customer was very happy & convinced.
LUXMAN is always for the sake of customers. Time tests our products, time tests our integrity, and time proves the value we bring.


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