led solar street light 20w

S2 Series Best Solar Lights


LUXMAN S2 series best solar street lights are designed for general commercial, and residential areas.
S2 Series 20 watt best solar led street light provides 2400lm or 3000lm system lumens since the best quality LEDs are being applied. High brightness will definitely increase visibility and reduce the risk at night.

LUXMAN S2 series best solar powered street lights are a new revolutionary product combining solar panel, lithium-ion battery, smart controller and LED technology. It is the best solution for areas that lack electricity supply, rural area with limited traffic access and communications, small scale user community, and unattended working place but with good climatology of sunlight radiation. As a matter of fact, 20 watt is the best choice in market segment which cares about low energy consumption when they are looking for solar street light manufacturer.


Remote Control


7 rainy days operation


12Hours Lighting