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Four tips for solar street light battery

As a participant and witness to the development of all in one solar LED street lighting, Luxman has experienced many important moments. Numerous customers have been focused only on price and warranty their first meeting with us, and most of them don’t check the details of our products. We think this is not a professional […]


We invite you to visit us at the EXPO 2019 Electrica International in Mexico city from 04. – 06. June 2019 at Booth 1130. Look forward to discuss with you about all the related topics in the field of Solar Street lighting. Luxman will confirm one company as our mutual benefit and long term business partner […]

Application of Solar Street Lights in American Real Estate (1)

In the early summer evening, the Aaron family finished their dinner and sat by the backyard swimming pool. A round coffee table with Coca-Cola, Budweiser beer, an IPAD and a LUXMAN lighting remote control was surrounded by their wicker chairs. When the sky had just fallen under the cover of darkness, a cluster of white light suddenly lit up and illuminated most of the courtyard. Everyone’s spirit was bright, everyone was excited, […]

4 Applications of Solar Street Lights in American Real Estate (2)

In the previous section, we analyzed why solar street lights were installed and used in the US real estate industry. So now let’s take a look at how solar street lights are applied in the real estate industry. Application First: The roadside in front of housing. Installed along public roads or on your own lawn, trails, etc. Installed on the side […]

Lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4 battery) or Ternary lithium battery ?

As we all know, more and more people are buying integrated solar street lights, and one of the keys point of the Solar Street Light quality is the selection of lithium battery packs. Usually we  use Ternary Lithium batteries or LiFePO4 batteries. Let’s compare the difference between the two. First of all, why we use lithium batteries? Lithium batteries (Li-ion, Lithium Battery): Lithium […]