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Why My Solar Street Light Is Not Working?

To find out why your solar street light is not working. Well, there could be a lot of reasons but nothing serious to be afraid of. Here we are listing some of the common reasons why these solar street lights sometimes do not work and how to do troubleshooting.

If you bought a solar street light from LUXMAN Light, you will see three indicators as below,

It will help you to find out which part of the solar street light is not working.

Three indicators working principle

solar street light indicators

Solar Street Light Troubleshooting

The lamp doesn’t work Causes Test method Solution
The switch is not on Check whether the switch is turned on. Switch it ON.
Battery runs out


Extended rainy days or not using for a long time may cause a power shortage.


Charge in sunny conditions for 1-2 days, and then observe.

Note: Lamp should be switched ON when charging in the daytime, and should be turned OFF during the night.

LED module Failure Replace the LED module Contact seller or sales representative.
Short lighting time


Low battery capacity


1. Improper installation site.

2. Dust or leaves cover the solar panel.


1. Charge in sunny conditions for 1-2 days, and then observe.

Note: Lamp should be switched ON when charging in the daytime, and should be turned OFF during the night.

2.Clean the solar panel.

Battery failure


1.Open the lamp body to check whether or not the battery is damaged.

2.The battery is aging and the service life of the lamp has expired.

If the battery is failed, please contact the local seller or sales representative for a warranty.
No sensing


Sensor module

(controller) failure

Walk under the lamp to see if

the lamp has changed from

energy -saving mode to full

brightness mode.

If the sensor module (controller) is defective, please contact our sales representative.

Note: Above Troubleshooting is based on LUXMAN Solar Street lights

In addition to the above product performance problems, we also have some problems in the following aspects:

     1. Is the material configuration reasonable?

The installation of a solar street lamp is more sensitive to the environment. For example, the sunshine intensity, rainy days, longitude, and latitude of the project site will affect the charging effect of a solar street lamp. Therefore, a scientific material configuration is more critical. Usually, before providing product solutions, responsible manufacturers will understand the relevant data, so as to formulate product solutions.

      2. Are the materials used authentic?

Some buyers may ask, why are your products so expensive with the same parameters? In fact, the same product will also have medium, high and low-quality standards. For example, the same lithium iron phosphate battery is also divided into A level and B level. B is selected after being eliminated from A. if the product you purchase uses this type of battery of grade B, the stability of quality will certainly have an impact. So it’s important to choose a manufacturer that focuses on quality rather than just providing low-cost products.

   3. How is the production process control?

The production processing technology is also the core points that affect a solar street lamp. Do you choose a solar street lamp manufacturer with sufficient manufacturing experience, and will they improve their products according to the production experience, market, and installation feedback data? If yes, These products will become more and more stable.  Luxman is a manufacturer focusing on the production and manufacture of solar street lamps. We keep a long-term tracking of the performance of the products, and constantly optimize the products we produce, which makes our products stable in quality and competitive in the market.

Lámpara solar vial

Do Solar Lanterns Work in Winter?

A frequent question that is usually in the minds of users is whether the solar Lanterns will still work during cold and icy months. And the answer is Yes, most solar Lanterns are designed to operate in a variety of different climatic conditions which include heavy rain and snow. In fact, solar panels work better at cold temperatures than in hot temperatures. All solar Lanterns work in winter as long as the solar panel gets exposure to daylight to power up the batteries to a point that it is able to function.

How do they get charged in winters?

PV solar panels work by getting the energy from sunlight. It doesn’t matter whether it is cold or hot outside as long as UV rays hit the PV panels. Let’s find out how PV cells work through the photovoltaic effect.

The solar panels are photovoltaic cells (also known as solar cells), which are made of semiconductors (a substance that can conduct electricity under some conditions but not others) material usually silicon. When UV light from the sun hits the cells, the photons present in the UV light will let the electrons loose from their atoms, and as the electron flow through the cell, they produce electricity. Depending on the sunshine, if it’s bright, then a lot of electrons will get knocked causing lots of electric currents to flow. In case if it’s cloudy there will be a small number of moving electrons so the current will be reduced.

There is no heat involved in the process, so when generating electricity or moving the electrons, you don’t necessarily need a warm climate. One just needs enough exposure to direct sunlight for at least 6 to 8 hours before the solar light can get fully charged.

How snow helps solar panel to work better?

As we all know that snow is white and reflective. In fact, it is known to be the most reflective natural blanket of the earth. What this means is that snow acts as a mirror to project the sun rays towards the solar panel for better PV performance. Some of the PV light which falls onto the ground surfaces nearby gets reflected in multiple directions and can be used by the solar panel as a source of charging.

Another benefit of snow is that due to cooler temperature the output of PV panels is increased. Having the notion of common people that if it is cold outside, the solar panel is not going to work. The charging of PV panel has nothing to do with the heat energy that is available outside, it only needs exposure to UV light to get charged.


How is temperature related to PV panel performance?

As mentioned earlier, the heat energy from the sun has nothing to do with the charging of PV panel. When the UV light hits the panel, it creates the bumping and moving of the electron which produces some heat energy. When the system experiences cold temperatures, the electron won’t budge that much.

So, when the UV light hits the panel during cold weather, there is no excessive electron movement or electron collision. This will naturally incur a high voltage difference and with that, it brings more energy being created.

In contrast to when it is hot outside, such as in deserts, the electron collision induces more heat energy which causes loss of output. This is because excessive heat can lower the electron’s efficiency in converting the sun’s energy to current. As a result, hot temperatures lower the output energy generation. So, the best working scenario is when the temperature is cold outside and there is enough sunlight available.

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solar motion sensor light

How to Choose Outdoor Solar Motion Sensor Light

Using solar lights that have a motion sensor installed is an effective way to detect any activity outside of your home as it instantly shines a light on the person or object. But before making a choice there are certain things that need to be considered. Paying attention to the following things will help you in making the right choice.

solar light for garden

Range of Sensor:

In order to enhance the security of your home, the Solar Motion Sensor Light are a good and cost-effective option. The motion sensor should be able to detect the movement of a person as far as possible. Not only this, the sensor should also be able to detect the motion in as many directions as possible.

While making a buying choice, you should consider the range of motion sensor as it is an important factor to be considered. The good quality range of senor is considered to be between 10 feet to 40 feet.

In order to detect the motion in all directions, the sensor should have 360 degrees detection angle. This helps in covering the entire area. The range and the angle capacity depend on the area you want to cover.

solar motion sensor light

Type and Strength of Battery:

The type and capacity (or strength) of the battery is also an important factor to be considered. Lithium-ion battery having a higher capacity is a favorable choice. The user needs to make sure that the battery has enough capacity to supply power throughout the night.

The intensity of Light:

Another element of motion sensor which should be considered is its illumination capacity. The range of illumination depends on the lumens. Lumens are used to define the intensity of light produced by the bulb or LEDs. More lumens mean lighter.

If you want to have more light on your driveway or on your front door then you should opt for higher lumens and a LED bulb.

solar garden light

Type of Bulb Used:

There are different types of bulbs used in motion sensor lights such as incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs, fluorescent bulbs, etc. Among these choices, LED bulbs are widely preferred as they are energy efficient and can last for 20000 to 50000 hours. Other bulbs such as incandescent and fluorescent consume more energy and also have waste heat and require replacements at frequent intervals.

Motion Sensor type:

There are different variants of motion sensors that are being used in motion sensor lights. It depends on the user’s preference for the kind of sensor he wants to buy. Following are some of them

Passive infrared type

It turns the light on when it detects body heat within its area of operation. The sensor detects heat as infrared energy. The sensor gets warm-up and creates a movement detecting grid which keeps a track of the movements in the surrounding area. Upon sensing a movement, it activates by switching on the light.


The microwave motion sensor works on microwave pulses. The upside of using this sensor is that it covers more areas as compared to the infrared sensors, but there is one downside which is that it gets disrupted due to electrical interferences.

Dual Technology:

This technology uses a combination of both the infrared sensor and a microwave sensor. Advanced technology is used to reduce the occurrences of false alarms. This is achieved by using both sensors to trigger at the same time and activate an alarm instead of relying on just one sensor.

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solar light for garden

How can we use solar light for garden?

The popularity of solar light is quickly increasing as more and more house owners seek environmentally friendly and cost-effective ways to illuminate their gardens. Solar lights are an excellent choice for garden lighting as they are affordable, easy to install, and only require sunlight to perform. Since the solar light system does not require wiring, it can provide light to those areas of garden or lawn which are at some distance from the electric sources. Solar light for the garden not only provides lighting but can be considered for security or safety purposes.

Based on the unique nature of solar power as an energy source, there are some guidelines for using the solar street light system successfully and efficiently.
Choice of right placement:

As the system runs on sunlight which is then converted into electric power and stored in a battery pack to be used during nights. When making a choice for location, make sure the solar light has access to the sun. Avoid installing the solar light under shades or places that are covered by shadows during some parts of the day. Also, before installing lights, it is helpful to place a marker where each solar light will be located in order to make sure if all the lights will be properly balanced in your landscaping and there are no areas left without light.

Fixing and Installing the light

Some solar lights come with light arm other are separate. Carefully mount solar light on the light arm by following the installation instructions. If the light component has no light arm, then attach and secure the solar lights at those places which have enough sunlight during the day. It is important that the solar panel on the light component is positioned to receive the required amount of sunlight to work properly.

Illuminating specific area

Solar lights can be used to highlight certain features in gardens such as fountain, tree or plant, seating areas, swimming pools, or statues, etc. Due to the evolution is lighting technology, the light bulbs are replaced with LED technology that is far superior to the dim solar lights which were made previously. Installing these LED lights helps to illuminate those specific areas without generating any waste heat.

Using solar lights is just as a sample as mounting the lights to the wall, fence, post, or other existing garden structure.

Illuminating pathways

Another creative use of solar lights is to mount them along the walkways in the garden. These lights are the perfect choice as they do not require any wiring and can easily be installed alongside the pathways. Many people install solar path lights for safety as well as for aesthetics.

Creative Uses

While mostly the solar lights are used for nighttime safety, they can also add up to the beauty of the garden. Solar lights for gardens come in various sizes and styles to suit the user’s needs.

For instance, there are some fancy solar lights that are used alongside the pool, raised beds, water feature, etc. to bring the place to life at night. One can be creative in installing them in any design he wishes to.

Another option is to use the lights to create a visual form such as a heart, star or butterfly by following a certain order. This will add more beauty to the garden.

Solar garden lights are safe

Solar garden lights mostly require 12 Volts to function, which is a safe voltage. 12 V can be found in electric toys, household batteries, etc. 12 Volts is a much safer choice if one has children in the house who play in the garden and the user wants to avoid the use of conventional lights which requires electric wires.

100w solar street light

How Many Peak Hours Would It Take to Power One 100W Solar Street Light?

The solar power system is one of the renewable energy sources which relies on sunlight to produce electricity. To do that it uses PV modules to convert sunlight into electricity. This solar energy will continue as long as we have sun glowing in our solar system, which is another 5 billion years.

The potential for solar energy is enormous as about 200,000 times the world’s daily electric generating capacity is received by the earth in form of solar energy. Briefly, the amount of sunlight that strikes the earth’s surface in an hour and a half is enough to power the entire earth’s consumption for one year.

To know how many sunlight hours, it would take to power a 100w solar street light of a specific rating, we should have the followings:

  1. Size and rating of Solar Panel
  2. Solar peak hours available on that location

Let’s find out how many sunlight hours it needs in a single day to power 100W solar street light for at least 8 hours.

In order to power the 100 W for 8 hours, we will be needing 800-Watt hours of power.

Now figure out how many sun hours will be available in a single day and how much power the solar panel will generate in a day. A peak sun hour doesn’t include just an hour the sun is out in the sky. In fact, it refers to an hour in which a solar panel produces a certain amount of energy.

Each peak hour is defined as one hour when the intensity of sunlight reaches an average of 1000 watts of energy per square meter (one peak sun hour=1000 W/m2). For a location that receives a total of 4000 W/m2 of solar radiation throughout the day, then that location gets 4 peak sun hours daily.

Assuming that we are using a solar panel of rating 300 watts. The power produced by a 300-watt solar panel on 4 hours will be 300W x 4 sun hours = 1200-Watt hours in a day. Accounting for the losses that will likely incur, such as voltage drop, wire, dust, snow, etc. Let’s reduce the power by 1/3 which is 1200*0.7 = 840 watts hours per day made from 300W solar panel.

Conclusion: With the power of 840 watts per day produced by 4 Peak Sun Hours, a 100W Solar Street Light will be able to run for at least 8 Hours.

li-ion battery

What Kind of Batteries are Used in Solar Street Lights?

One question that always delves into the minds of people when they switch to a solar street lights system is about the type of battery that will be used to power the solar street lights. Every user wants to get the best battery for their new solar light system that can save money, last longer, and requires the least amount of maintenance. With so many options out there in the market, some using confusing languages makes the choice difficult. It is important to know the kind of batteries, specifications, and their usage beforehand.

Knowing that all batteries are nor created equal, and many batteries are better in performance than others and some batteries in the market carry some danger to their operation. Let’s get into the kinds of batteries present in the market and some information about its specifications and battery profile.

Battery Type Size Nominal Voltage Voltage of Battery Set Cost Working temperature Cycle Life
Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) 18 x 65 mm 3.7V 12V Cheaper in price -30 to 65 Celsius 800 times
Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) 26 x 65 mm 3.2V 12.8V More expensive -10 to 75 Celsius 2000 times
Lead Acid Battery 90 x 70 2V 12V Cheaper in price -20 to 5o Celsius 300 times

Lead Acid Battery:

People widely prefer using this battery because of the price advantages. It is inexpensive as compared to other batteries. However, there are some disadvantages compared to Li-ion and LiFEPO4. It needs frequent maintenance, the risk of explosion is high, and due to the presence of lead, it has some environmental concerns. The life of the battery is somewhere between 3 -4 years.

solar street light battery

Another big disadvantage of lead-acid battery is that it needs a bigger solar panel for charging. The solar panel will have to generate at least 12 V to charge the battery. The battery size requirement for solar light application is not cost-effective. They are costly to manufacture which defeats the purpose of using inexpensive solar lights.

Lithium-Ion Battery:

Li-ion is a compact and high priced battery.  It requires a 3.7 V of power for charging. Which means the requirement of solar panel size is smaller. Even during cloudy days, the solar panel can still produce a 3 V and charge the battery.The life cycle of the battery is 4-5 years and it requires no maintenance.

One downside is that it is not favorable to extreme weather conditions. One of the kinds of lithium ion battery is the ternary lithium-ion battery. It uses Ni-Co lithium manganate as the positive electrode and graphite as the negative electrode material. The voltage platform of ternary lithium ion battery is very high, which means that the specific energy and specific power of it are larger under the same volume or weight. The ternary lithium battery is a 3.7V voltage platform, and the cycle life depends on different manufacturers, different models, and processes, and generally, it is 500-800 charge cycles. Below is the picture of ternary lithium ion battery pack.


Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery:

LiFEPO4 battery is a compact and priced higher compared to lead-acid and Li-ion battery. It is one of the most advanced battery types available in the market. It requires 3.2V of power for charging which means the requirement of solar panel size will be smaller.

li-ion battery

The life cycle of the battery of 6-10 years and requires no maintenance. Another advantage of this battery is that it can withstand extreme weather conditions.

How these batteries are used?

Lead acid batteries are generally used for lighting home and emergency conventional lights. Li-ion and Lithium-ion phosphate batteries are the best options for the solar lighting systems, especially used in all in one lighting system like solar street lights.

One of the important things to look out for in the battery is its capacity. Since the capacity is the measurement of the quantum energy that is stored in the battery.
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solar street light business

How to Promote Solar Street Light Business?

Solar-powered street light is among the fastest-growing industry all over the world. The use of solar street lighting system is expected to be higher in the future. However, the global solar street light business is still facing problems of trying to promote new technology in a traditional market that is filled with conventional rivals. Due to some clients are not sure of the benefits associated with solar technology in addition to being confused about the performance of the system. So clearly there are market issues the companies are facing in order to be effective in reaching clients.

solar street light manufacturer

There are some ways to promote solar street lights:

  • Digital Marketing

Since offline lead generation has become difficult, it is important to move towards a digital marketing approach. It has been noted that most of the buyers turn towards the internet to do some research before they make their buying decisions especially when they are buying a technological product. Here is a good opportunity for solar light manufacturers to market their products in a way that it attracts the attention of the user and can satisfy what they are looking for.

  • Using online advertising tools

Google Ads is among the online advertisement programs managed by google. These can be used to show the presence of solar lights through online ads. These ads can effectively reach esteemed clients in addition to persuading them to buy the product. These ads can reach the vast majority of users who use the internet for different purposes and can create an online presence of the company.

  • YouTube Marketing

YouTube is also among the largest search engine being used today. One way to reach the audience and expose them to the company’s product is by running short ads on YouTube videos. Another way is to create a company’s official channel on YouTube, identifying audiences, researching your competitors, optimizing your content, and publish it on your channels. These channels can be used as an information source for the public.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is used to assist clients in getting services and products they need on the search engine. Solar-powered street light companies can use the SEO to get potential clients in addition to persuading them to make a purchase decision. Due to the fact that solar products are hot topics these days, SEO is able to align the company’s natural keywords with the content that is frequently being searched on the internet. Welcome to discuss SEO with Luxman Light Team.

  • Email Marketing

Sending customized and targeted emails to the solar street light business community can also help in generating leads. The content of the email should be informative and should get the attention of the reader.


  • Offline Marketing:

Installing solar streetlights on the road junction and public areas can help get the attention of the general public. These can be used as an advertising strategy. The company can paint the solar streetlight with the company logo.

              1. Partnership with government and non-profit organizations

Developing partnerships with the government and nonprofit organizations on small scale rural projects for the benefits of people can help the company to get a presence in newspapers and social media under corporate social responsibility. These projects are lauded widely by everyone and can help the company to market its product to a larger community.

One of the best strategic partners that the solar company can find are other companies that are operating in the “green” space. They are already on a mission to save people’s money and the environment. These companies have access to great and likely minded people who appreciate these technologies which can benefit nature. These companies have already built up a layer of trust in the public.

                2. Talk to people

Tap into the power of the community. Talk to households and neighbors. Leave flyers, ask your customer to refer your experience of the product to their friends and neighbors. Put up signs to show your presence in the community. Leave no stone unturned in local marketing.

Organize community events, entertain and engage your customers. They will be going to remember you and appreciate you for brightening their day. Hold these free events one or twice in big communities and invite everyone by sending flyers. Don’t forget to provide free food at those events.

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smart solar street light system

How Does Smart City IOT Lora Zigbee Automatic Smart Solar Street Light Work?

The automatic Smart Solar street lighting system has become smart and responsive over time, but when it is combined with the emerging internet of things (IoT, Lora, Zigbee) it is able to support greater functionality because of additional sensors and flexibility.

The IoT is a fast-moving field. It is a network of identifiable things/physical objects which are interconnected in order to achieve control and exchange of information via an information carrier(Lora, Zigbee,GPRS,4G). IoT solar street light allows a wide variety of devices to build seamless communication and interaction remotely.  Having this feature allows the user to control the devices remotely with greater flexibility. As the government of countries around the world is under pressure to become energy efficient, IoT based smart solar street lighting systems can deliver immediate benefits.

iot solar street light

In comparison to conventional lights that were expensive to operate and often consume about half of the city’s total energy, IoT connected Automatic smart lighting system is smarter, greener, and safer solution.

Adding IoT connectivity to smart solar lights is a big step towards sustainable development as it offers quantifiable benefits. The combination of network communicating, and intelligent sensing capabilities allow the user to monitor and control the street lighting system remotely.  There are several benefits to centrally monitoring and controlling of an intelligent network of the solar lighting management system.

How Does Smart solar street light work?

smart street light sytem

Some of them are:

  1. Provides adaptive lighting control by optimizing operational efficiency through the use of sensors and microcontrollers based on weather conditions, traffic density, and other conditions.
  2. Improves safety by fast detection of outages and illumination can be controlled in high crime areas or in response to emergencies.
  3. By adding more sensors, the data of smart solar lights can be used in a variety of ways beyond simply managing lighting.
  4. Data can be used to monitor usage patterns, such as identification of areas or times when activity is greater or less than normal.
  5. Smart solar street lighting systems that includes video and other sensing capabilities can help in laying out the patterns of road traffic, air quality monitoring, and video surveillance for security purposes.

Sustainable and Reliable solution

The world is focusing on sustainable solutions and the energy sector is considered to be the largest contributor to greenhouse emission in most countries. The government and private sectors are pushing towards building a sustainable energy solution. And the smart solar powered street lighting system is rightly the one which is needed in communities to derive this change and foster the culture of a sustainable environment.

Smart solar streetlights are reliable, simple to install, and can reach anywhere. Once installed, they can remain in the field for decades. The Automatic street light management system installation procedure is also simple and straight forward. There is no need for advanced installation expertise or regular network maintenance with the cellular technology embedded in the system, the user can easily connect to the system from anywhere.

Intelligent Solution

smart solar street light management system

By including the intelligence in the LED solar street lighting system has brought the real revolution. Having intelligent control and remote communication feature makes the product truly smart. The networked lighting system provides monitoring, measuring, and control via wired or wireless communication. This allows the lighting solution to go to the next level, through which desktop and mobile phones can be used to remotely control and monitor the solar lighting system. The integration of intelligence into an LED solar street lighting system enables many intelligent features by means of two-way data exchange.

The IoT based lighting technology resolves the challenges of scalability in managing large numbers of solar streetlights facilities by aggregating and acting on huge amounts of data generated by IoT solar streetlights to improve lighting services in urban areas by minimizing the cost of the operation and maximizing the energy savings.

Future of Technology

IoT networking technology creates a practical opportunity to take it one step further by direct integration of Smart Solar Street light into computer-based systems. The smart street lighting system can be implemented as a critical component in the development of smart city infrastructure and can be used to provide extended capabilities such us, public safety monitoring, camera surveillance, traffic management, environmental protection, weather monitoring, smart parking, WIFI accessibility, leakage sensing, voice broadcasting etc.

With the advancement in cellular technology, reliable connectivity is available in every part of the world now which can assist in supporting several applications of smart automatic streetlights.

solar play ground light

Why Self-contained Solar Lights Are the Best Lighting Solution for Parks and Recreation Areas?

The purpose of parks and recreation is to provide a safe and healthy environment for the people of the community, to keep the parks open during nights there is a need of illuminating it with lights and a self-contained solar lighting system offers the best solution to that.

The self-contained and self-sufficient solar lighting solutions are ideal for general illumination in the city parks and recreations areas, as solar lights can be utilized anywhere light is needed, without the restriction of where power and how power is available, the possibilities of ensuring proper and renewable lighting to all areas are limitless!

solar lighting systems are a low-maintenance way to improve safety and visibility.

Below are some great ways a self-contained Solar Lights solution can fulfill the power needs.

Natural Parks:

The purpose of the natural parks is to give a real and natural feel to the observer. And to make it safe for the tourists, lighting the park is the utmost priority of the management. Most natural parks like to feature the surrounding areas without minimum disruption, so developing a traditional solution of lighting can cause disruption in the form of trenching and wiring. This would disturb the area greatly and can cause damage to the inhabitants. Another problem with these natural parks is that they are often at remote locations far away from grid stations. So instead of relying on conventional lighting, a solar street lighting system is a great option without disturbing the environment. The only thing to consider while installing this system is to avoid shaded areas as they will prevent the sunlight falling on the solar panels.

natural park light

Swimming Pools & Golf Resorts:

Almost in every community, there is a pool, clubhouse, and golf resort available. People tend to use these facilities during weekends or after their work hours which is mostly during nighttime. Keeping these places illuminating is necessary for the management of the community and the solar lighting system is the go-to-solution for these places.

 Walking tracks:

 People tend to walk along the seashore or manmade tracks in the mountains for their entertainment. These areas range from very remote to downtown areas and lighting along the trails is important to keep it safe for the people. Having an off-grid solution like a solar lighting system is the perfect choice for these places since this can be installed anywhere along the trails without the need for wiring and fix power sources. This would provide safety and security to those using the trails during early mornings and late nights.

walk way solar light


 One of the most important concerns for people who are bringing their kids to playgrounds is their child safety. The Self-contained Solar Lights system is a great way to illuminate those playing areas to make parents feel safe about their children. By illuminating these areas allow the neighbors, law enforcement people to visually inspect the area at night to ensure safety.

For places where summers are extremely hot and have more sunny days, people tend to stay indoors during the day and only get out when there is dark, and the atmosphere is cool enough. This is usually the situation in the middle east and Asian countries. For these places, the solar lighting system is a great choice as it will keep the parks illuminating during nights without any running cost to the members of the community.

solar playground light

Dog Parks:

Dog parks are becoming popular in every town around the world. These parks provide a good opportunity to socially interact with people while on a dog walk. Since people take their dogs out before or after their work, it usually becomes dark especially during winters when days are shorter. Providing lighting at dog parks on the trails, parking lots, and entrance provide safety to the people who are out during mornings or late nights.

Hiking tracks

Hiking tracks which are man-made and built-in remote locations are a great place for nature lovers who love hiking in the mountains. Since, these tracks are mostly away from urban areas and have no access to grid stations, the solar lighting system is the only suitable choice here. Without hurting the environment and tracks these can be installed along the trails and can make the track safe for the people. Having a lighting system also helps in getting the attention of tourists and can increase the inflow of people there.

There are so many great and innovative ways for the parks and recreation management to use solar lighting system for the benefits of the community. Installing lighting on pathways, parking lots, around the boundary of the parks are some of the ways solar lighting system can be used. Also, now that the technology has advanced there is an automatic feature available in the solar lighting systems that turn on and off automatically while efficiently maintain the energy balance. The automated features of the solar street lighting make it impressive and economical as compared to the conventional lighting system. There is no need to monitor the time when it should turn. n on and off. So, it removes the need for extra resources

hiking tracks solar light

real estate solar light

How Solar Powered Street Lights Benefits Your Community

The world is moving towards the design of sustainable communities. Sustainable is not only about being “green”, but it also involves social, economic, and environmental considerations. Solar Powered Street Lights plays a crucial role in building sustainable communities. The advantages of Solar Powered Street Light are that they are financially smart having no reliance on grid-powered electricity, improve community sustainability because they derive positive social changes and they are good for people and our dear planet earth.

Community benefits of solar lights

Lighting is an essential part of the community. These lights provide security to the people residing and also improves the overall look of the community. Having solar-powered street lights eliminates the electric cost and its dependency on grid power stations while keeping security and architectural integrity.

1. Creating social impact

Having Solar Powered Street Lights in the community foster positive changes in the community. An early morning jog, an after-dinner visit to the park or places, or late-night cycling is only possible when there is enough lighting available on the roads. The installation of more illumination makes people feel safe and secure.

Having extended light hours in a day promotes members of the community to spend more time in public spaces thus creating more opportunities for outdoor activities. It keeps the members of the community healthy and live.

2. Availability of lights in parking lots
It is mostly seen that the parking lots in communities are without light. Almost in every community, there is a pool, clubhouse, golf resort, and residence parking lots available. These parking lots need adequate lighting for the security of vehicles. Installing grid-powered lighting is costly but solar street lights are a perfect alternate to that solution. It provides the same level of solar parking lots lighting without the additional need of cables and trenching.
community solar lighting

3. Financially smart solution

With each passing year, the cost of electricity is climbing. The communities and municipalities are seeking innovative ways to keep the cost of electricity low. Using solar powered solar street lights removes the electricity burden on the members of the communities and avoids expenses in the form of:

     a. Trenching costs:

Conventional lights are connected through underground wiring with the grid. There is a significant cost involved in trenching and wiring of the conventional lighting system.  On top of this, there is also the cost of disruption to public areas. Having the ability to be installed anywhere, anytime without the need for trenching and wiring, this solar lighting system offers a good replacement to the conventional system.

    b. Energy cost:

One of the major benefits of the solar-powered lighting system is its cost-effectiveness. It is very suitable for saving energy consumption because it uses solar energy to power up its light. It does not use any electricity. Thus, it would be a great help for the community members in reducing their electric bill share they pay on community lights.

    c. Installation cost:

The installation procedure is straight forward and can quickly be installed in any desired location. No need to run through the problems of messy cables and drill holes. The system is also removable and can be transferred easily to another site or location. The installation manual records step by step illustration of how to install the solar cameras and one can easily follow along.

    d. Disruption cost:

Due to recent advancements in this field, technology has improved a lot. Having this system installed in a community can sustain for years with minimal need of maintenance. So, there will be a minimal cost of disruption caused to the people of the community.

4. Impressive features

The automated features of the solar street lighting make it impressive and economical as compared to the conventional lighting system. The energy it accumulates during the day is sufficient enough to light up the whole night. There is no need for human interference as this system is automatically operated. There is no need to monitor the time when it should turn on and off. So, it removes the need of extra resources.

5. Good for the environment

Having no reliance on the use of fossil fuels to generate electricity, this solar-powered lighting system drives infinite power from the sun to generate electricity. This reduces the community’s carbon footprints.

The world is focusing on sustainable solutions and the energy sector is considered to be the largest contributor to greenhouse emission in most countries. The government and private sectors are pushing towards building a sustainable energy solution. And the solar-powered street lighting system is rightly the one which is needed in communities to derive this change and foster the culture of a greener environment.

solar lights for community


As discussed, lighting plays a key role in the creation and flourishing of the communities. Offering high-quality solar street lighting solutions provides citizens a better experience of the city. It helps improves the readability of public spaces, making it accessible and welcoming for everyone. It acts as a social cohesion driver, that helps to strengthen ties and interaction between the community members, while they carry on their social activities during the evening.

Since there are zero operations costs, it provides the opportunity to the community members to enjoy long opening-hours in the parks, promoting access to outdoor sports facilities.

Lastly, on roads and cycling paths, the presence of solar lights can help reduce the number of accidents and promote better traffic flow while maintaining the safety of everyone in the community.

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