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Why does solar street lamps design with internal hexagonal screws?

You may find that almost all solar street lamps are designed with inner hexagonal screws. Why are solar street lamp engineers so keen on using inner hexagonal screws for solar street lamps? You will find that 99% of the assembled furniture bought online is hexagonal. The screw head of the inner hexagon screw is round […]

How to Maintain All In One Solar Street Lights

Generally speaking, all in one solar street lights do not need much maintenance after being installed, because all in one solar street lights is a very mature technology. But the operation/working environment has a great impact on outdoor solar lighting, Different installation site needs different maintenance accordingly. For example, in Africa, we should consider not […]

Solar Powered Street Lights Pay Back vs Grid. -LUXMAN

After 10 years’ development and practice, LED street lighting technology has become very mature and stable. About five years ago, another new type of solar Powered Street Lights appeared in people’s eyes. It is All in One Solar Powered Street Light. This kind of street light does not need to connect to the power grid, […]

What Is the Best Solar Street Light In China

There are many other countries and regions in the world. Electricity is very scarce or expensive. In addition, global warming has caused more and more people to pay attention to green energy. In order to solve environmental problems and achieve environmental targets in Australia, some coal-fired power plants in Australia will be closed down. The […]

How Does Solar Street Light with Camera Work?

In the world, there are still a lot of places is beyond the reach of grid electricity, like In Africa or some island in South Asia, The stand-alone solar street light with camera is a perfect wireless security surveillance systems for this kind of remote, hard to reach or electricity off-grid areas. The solar street […]

Which is the best Solar Street Light Manufacturer In China?

With the rising consumer’s inclination, towards eco-friendly, renewable, and energy-saving lighting products, more and more solar street light manufacturers in China are crowding into the solar street lighting industry now. According to the solar street light market report, the global solar street lighting market was valued at approximately USD 4.25 billion in 2017 and is expected […]

What Is Solar Powered Street Lights?-LUXMAN Light

With global warming, green energy has become a trend. Solar-powered street lights with 100% green energy come into being, so what is solar-powered street lights? Solar street lamps are mainly composed of solar panels, controllers, LED light sources and batteries. During the day, solar panels absorb energy from the sun and convert it into power, […]

What Factors Affect All in one solar led street light lifetime

All in one solar led street light has many advantages, so it can be widely installed and used, such as no electricity fees, no wire laying cost, and so on. But because the first purchase cost of all in one solar street light is higher than the ordinary AC LED street lamps in terms of […]

How long do solar powered street light last-LUXMAN Light

The components that will affect the lifespan of solar-powered street lights are a light source, controller, battery, solar panels, and so on. Now let’s analyze these components, which will mainly affect the lifetime of a solar street light. Lighting source: Now the solar-powered street light usually uses the LED light source. After years of technological […]

Solar Street Lights 5 Kinds Applications -LUXMAN LIGHT

As we know Solar Street light has the following benefits: * Installation anywhere * Maintenance-free * No underground or overhead service * No electricity bill * Different styles available * Mobile phone remote control * Real-time 24 hours of surveillance and security function optional   From the above advantages of solar-powered street lights, it can […]

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