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Frequently Solar Camera Street Lights Questions & Answers

 1. How does solar camera lights work? The system of solar street light with a camera can be divided into two subsystems of LED lighting + camera system. They are working independently with no mutual interference. 2. Can the camera PTZ control? The standard solar camera street lights are fixed fixtures (not PTZ), but it […]

How to design and calculate solar street light power system?

We usually analyze various factors affecting the solar street light power system firstly, and then calculate the actual solar street light power system according to the situation. When designing the solar street lamp power system, we generally calculate the daily power generation, storage, and power storage according to the power consumption of the lamp, and […]

Solar Street Light Light Up Rural Areas in China

In recent years, more and more solar street light rural are used and concerned, among which solar street lamps are also used in many villages, rural areas. After the Cov-19 epidemic, the Chinese government has formulated 30 trillion infrastructure plans to stimulate the economy. The new rural reconstruction project is also one of them. The […]

The Coronavirus Will Pass, and The Light Will Come

When new coronavirus pneumonia broke out in the world, when many cities were closed down, when partners were in trouble, Luxman light offered little effort to prevent and control the epidemic. For the Luxman’s partners of the world, we sent some free medical materials to them. Since ancient times, human beings have been fighting against […]

Solar Street Light Controller Maintenance

The solar street light controller is applied in the solar photovoltaic lighting system. It is called solar charge and discharge controller, which coordinates the work of the solar panel, battery, and load. Solar controller is the core component of solar street lights, which has the function of light control, time control, charging and discharging, etc. […]

Form E Certificate for solar street light

China has signed a free trade agreement with ASEAN countries. Some ASEAN customers of LUXMAN  solar street light are worried about their import tariffs. In fact, if the manufacturer can provide solar street light with FORM E Certification, Then ASEAN importers do not need to pay importing tax when importing solar street lamp products from […]

Nigeria SONCAP Certificate For Solar Street Light

Clients from Nigeria always have concerns about SONCAP Certificate For Solar Street Light SONCAP stands for the Standards Organization of Nigeria’s Conformity Assessment Programme and stands for Nigeria’s mandatory Conformity Assessment process. SONCAP is a new policy implemented by the Nigerian federal government to control the export of substandard and unsafe products to the country. […]

Inspection and acceptance standard of solar street light pole

Requirements for material and process The main bar shall be formed in one time, and the welding seam of the steel bar (Q235) shall be flat and smooth, and the flatness error between the convex part of the welding seam of the whole bar and the bar shall not be greater than ± 1mm. (method […]

System Design of Split-type Solar Street Light

The Split-type solar street light is composed of the solar panels (including bracket), lamp head, control box (with the controller, battery, etc.) and lamp pole, foundation, etc. Split-type Solar street lamps generally form their own power supply system and are not connected with the grid network. There are two kinds of solar street lamp system: […]

How to Design the All In One Solar Street Lamp?

All In One Solar Street Lamp Appearance Design “A good aircraft must be a good-looking one,” said Dassault, a French aircraft designer. The same goes for all in one solar street lamps. Taking the all in one solar street lamp as an example, the application of solar LED street lamp has attracted more and more […]

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