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How to Make a Solar Street Light Model?

There is an objective of every project and when we talk about solar street lights, the objective is to be a greener alternative to traditional street lights. In order to maximize the efficiency of a solar street light, each component needs to work at maximum energy utilization with minimal losses. Thinking about the solar street […]

How Does Waterproof Outdoor Landscape Solar Spotlight Work

Solar spotlight is fixtures that use the energy from the sun to illuminate the area in your gardens, yards, pathways, etc. These spotlights are inexpensive and environmentally friendly and can be used to improve aesthetics or to improve safety and security. These lights can be dropped into almost any sunny garden spot without worrying about […]

How Many Sort of Led Solar Lights Do You Know?

With people’s attention to green energy, LED solar lights have been paid more and more attention. Even during the epidemic period, the sales of many products were impacted by the market, while the sales of some solar lamps increased sharply. Solar light is a big family. Next, we will talk about the main types of […]

Will U.S Solar Street Lighting Market to Boom in Biden Era?

The all in one solar street lighting system powered by the sun, and with a stand-alone design, compared to conventional LED lighting products, the solar street light no power bill and no investment in electricity wires, electric equipment, and much less installation cost because of the all-in-one design. Rapid rise in the solar new capacity […]

What is the Wind Solar Hybrid Street Light?

Wind solar hybrid street light refers to the system that wind turbine and solar panels are combined as power generation components to jointly charge the energy storage battery and realize the corresponding LED street lamp power supply at night, referred to as “wind-solar hybrid street light”. Wind solar hybrid street lights can make full use […]

How Does Self-cleaning Solar Street Light Works?

What is a Self-cleaning Solar Street light? One way to keep the solar street lights work efficiently is to do frequent monitoring of the surface of solar panels to remove the dust and dirt particles accumulated on the surface of the panel. Cleaning the solar panels manually is a tedious and cumbersome task that consumes […]

How Solar Boat Navigation Lights Are Helping in Reducing the Expenses?

Solar boat navigation lights are used to help boats and ships to navigate safely at sea. These lights take different forms such as solar boat navigation lights, LED marine navigation lights, etc. About the Solar Boat Navigation Light, they are more cost-effective and practical than the usual marine navigation lights. They get power from the […]

Why Should We Use Solar Security Light

Lights are an essential part of the community and workplaces. These lights provide security and safety to the people residing and working. The need for lighting is much higher in the most remote location where safety and security are a major concern. Solar security light has been known to be a popular choice for these […]

Benefits of Choosing Solar Powered Flood Lights

Anyone who has a large space to illuminate, solar LED flood light will get the job done. These lights are bright enough to make people feel safer in the area. Besides safety, there are also some other benefits of choosing Solar Powered Flood Lights. Traditional floodlights have been in the market for so long and […]

Why Solar LED Traffic Light is a Better Option?

Currently, the super bright solar LED bulbs have started replacing incandescent lamps as traffic lights, sign lights, warning lights. These Solar LED traffic lights to have the advantages of a longer life span, low power consumption, higher brightness, hence making them an ideal option to be used as a light source for traffic signal lighting. […]

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