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How To Choose the Right Batteries for your Solar light?

Choosing the right solar battery for your solar light is essential to its optimal performance. Whether you are replacing a battery in an existing solar light or selecting one for a new solar light, there are several factors to consider. Knowing the purpose and usage of the solar light, the type of solar panel, the […]

What is AC DC Hybrid Solar Street Lights?

Introduction AC/DC Hybrid solar street lights are a powerful new technology that is changing the world right before our eyes. AC/DC Hybrid solar street lights are the perfect solution for lighting the streets at night. By combining the power of solar panels with grid AC utility power, these lights provide bright and reliable lighting that […]

Advantages & Disadvantages of Solar Energy

 Introduction The world is moving towards a renewable future. In light of the imminent climate crisis, people are looking at alternative sources of energy that are sustainable and eco-friendly. Solar energy is one such alternative source of clean and renewable energy. It is abundant in many parts of the world and is not dependent on […]

What is Auto Clean Solar Street Light?

Introduction Solar lights are alternatives of high usage in the past few years for lighting commercial or residential areas. Solar Street Light provides an ecologically friendly solution to renewable solar lighting. Installing solar street lights with a self-cleaning mechanism saves you time for manual cleaning, and they charge up faster because the solar panels are […]

Municipal Solar Street Lights for Roads

In every city of the world, roads are a major urban development. Lighting is one of municipalities’ and cities’ biggest and most costly developments. This is why cities are using municipal solar street lights for roads. These solar lights provide illumination to the roads without taking up much space. They use clean and affordable solar […]

Are solar street lights Bright Enough?

Introduction Solar street lights are becoming more popular in residential and commercial areas due to the increasing energy efficiency and eco-friendly technology demand. These provide added security by illuminating dimly lit areas after dark. Street Light Solar also offer cost savings because they reduce the need for electric light poles or cut electricity bills by […]

Solar Light Qatar Project Case for 2022 World Cup Project

Doha, Qatar    Completed: 27th June 2022 Product: LUXMAN BK Series 25W Solar Street Light Quantities: 350units Solar Light Qatar Project background: At 5:12 a.m. local time on June 27, 2022, in Qatar, the Qatar 800.15 MW photovoltaic project EPC contracted by PowerChina Guizhou Engineering Co., Ltd. was successfully connected to the grid for power […]

Application of solar road stud

Application of solar road stud Solar road study, also known as solar cast aluminum road lamp, reflective mark, LED road spike lamp, etc., uses solar panels to charge, store energy in the battery, and automatically light up when the light is insufficient at night and in rainy and foggy weather, which can well guide the […]

How do solar traffic lights work

Solar traffic lights are powered by solar panels and are quick to install and easy to move. It is suitable for newly built intersections with large traffic flow and urgent need for new traffic signal command and can meet the needs of emergency power failure, power restriction, and other emergencies. Here’s how solar-powered traffic lights […]

How to prevent people from stealing your solar street light?

Many workers also report that battery equipment is being damaged or removed and stolen, it is really a challenge to replace and repair. Not only is the cost of the battery itself high but also if stolen, replacements are costly and can create safety concerns on private and public roadways that hold the street lights, […]

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