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How to choose the best solar street light factory in China

Due to the significant advancement in solar technology, the number of the solar street light factory has rapidly increased in the last few decades. As a customer, it has become essential to consider a number of factors before making a decision on selecting a solar light factory that can match your needs properly. There are […]

What Are Wireless Solar Powered Security Camera for Outdoor

What is a solar-powered security camera? Solar outdoor security cameras harness power from the sun and are used to provide 24 hours of surveillance without relying on electricity. It uses the solar panel to convert energy from the sun and use that to power the camera without the need of electric sources or cables. The whole […]

What Are Solar Panels and How Do They Work

What is the Solar Energy of Solar Panel? The sun is the primary source of earth’s energy. Solar energy is the energy that comes directly from the sun. It is also referred to as solar radiation. Solar energy reaches the surface of the earth in the form of rays of sunlight. These rays are a […]

Solar Street Lamps Installation and construction

Solar street lamps are powered by crystalline silicon solar cells, they have maintenance-free valve-regulated sealed batteries(colloidal batteries or lithium batteries) to store electrical energy. These Ultra-bright LED lamps are used as a light source which is controlled by the intelligent charge and discharge controllers thus replacing the traditional public electric lighting street lamps. Solar street […]

Li-ion Battery Basic Knowledge for Solar Street light Battery Pack

(1) Composition of Li-ion battery Li-ion battery is mainly composed of two parts: battery cell and a protection board PCM (power battery is generally called battery management system BMS). The Li-ion Battery cell is the heart of Li-ion battery, and the management system is equivalent to the brain of a Li-ion battery. The core is mainly […]

Best Selling Solar Street Light in China

With the gradual improvement of people’s awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection, more and more people are ready to install solar street light instead of conventional LED Street Light. Among the numerous solar lamps, LUXMAN LIGHT’s S3 series integrated solar street lamps are one of the best selling solar street lights. So what are […]

Frequently Solar Camera Street Lights Questions & Answers

 1. How does solar camera lights work? The system of solar street light with a camera can be divided into two subsystems of LED lighting + camera system. They are working independently with no mutual interference. 2. Can the camera PTZ control? The standard solar camera street lights are fixed fixtures (not PTZ), but it […]

How to design and calculate solar street light power system?

We usually analyze various factors affecting the solar street light power system firstly, and then calculate the actual solar street light power system according to the situation. When designing the solar street lamp power system, we generally calculate the daily power generation, storage, and power storage according to the power consumption of the lamp, and […]

Solar Street Light Light Up Rural Areas in China

In recent years, more and more solar street light rural are used and concerned, among which solar street lamps are also used in many villages, rural areas. After the Cov-19 epidemic, the Chinese government has formulated 30 trillion infrastructure plans to stimulate the economy. The new rural reconstruction project is also one of them. The […]

The Coronavirus Will Pass, and The Light Will Come

When new coronavirus pneumonia broke out in the world, when many cities were closed down, when partners were in trouble, Luxman light offered little effort to prevent and control the epidemic. For the Luxman’s partners of the world, we sent some free medical materials to them. Since ancient times, human beings have been fighting against […]

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